Handlebars, Grips and Handlevers

Handlebars, grips and levers are by far the accessories that every motorcyclist looks at and holds in their hands most often - often for many hours while riding. Customizing around the handlebars is therefore highly efficient. It changes the ergonomics, operability, riding feel and appearance - and not just from the rider's perspective. It's no wonder that handlebar conversions and the replacement of grips and levers are particularly popular conversion measures and are style-defining for a chopper, bobber or caferacer. A flat handlebar gives every bike a dynamic line, while a high one can look touring or casual. The handlebar width also has a major influence on seating comfort, character and the appearance of the entire motorcycle.
Standard rubber grips are particularly easy to replace with stylish aftermarket grips, which also increase grip or reduce vibrations, depending on the type. There is hardly any other accessory that has more effect with less conversion effort.