Electrical connection

A motorcycle doesn't work without electrical components. Even radical showbikes can't go without ignition or light switch. Anybody who wants a bit more comfort and wants to ride a street legal motorcycle besides needs flasher, ignition switch or horn. And anybody who wants to get his bike going by electric starter needs a strong batterie, extra cables, relais and switches. But horns must not be ugly, wiring must not hang around at the frame and indicator switches must not barbarize the view to a drag bar or rabbit ear handlebars.

In particular electrical components for custom motorcycles have to suit two special needs. First they have to look great and come in the correct dimension. Especially visible parts like switches or horns can be style-defining. On the other side invisible parts have to be tiny and unremarkable designed. So relais or brakelight switches can be hidden easiliy. For that reason Dock66 offers carefully selected accessories for the custom motorcycle market.