They have to be large and be emblazoned on a protruding arm: Rear-view mirrors on standard motorcycles are subject to functional laws. But rear-view mirrors do not have to be huge or protruding. Custom bikes, where design plays an important role, cannot do without special custom mirrors. Mirrors not only provide a clear view to the rear, they also adorn the handlebars of a motorcycle. And this should be as clean and puristic as possible - in keeping with the ideal of a custom bike.

Dock66 Motorcycle Parts offers a wide range of mirrors to suit every conceivable style: black-coated, chrome-plated, classically round and eccentrically shaped designer pieces. The rear-view mirrors and holders are available for Harley-Davidson® or with adapters for other brands such as Honda®, Yamaha®, Kawasaki®, Triumph® or Moto Guzzi® and almost all of our mirrors have an E-mark and are therefore legal without registration in the vehicle documents.