MADE IN At 5SPECIAL we believe in the tradition and craftsmanship of each country and we strive to seek the best expert hands from each sector to expand our product line. All our current collection retro jersey moto is designed and manufactured in Portugal. For each specialized material and manufacturing process we work day by day with some of the best factories in the world. Each product has its history…. WE ARE 5SPECIAL Adventure, it is not only a philosophy of life, it is also a way of life. Every trip begins with the unknown, so it has come from the moment you met us. 5 our number, special our passion for unique vehicles with personality which we resurrected. Our clothing collection, limited editions in which we re-invent the classics, our inspiration comes from the 70s and 80s. Retro Style. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing in Spain and Europe, our casual line is made of organic cotton, tencel, materials that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. We work with family businesses with which we work the detail, our collections are not massive we bet on the Slow Fashion, quality products that our children inherit. Earthpositive: 100% organic products, ethical manufacturing, 90% carbon footprint reduction Our slogans “Legends keep riding” a tribute to the gentleman racers who ran on and off the track but always with their own style. “No front Brake”, our origins in the flat track, a discipline to explore your limits, where the design of your motorcycle is not only aesthetic. ROADTRIPS for Europe, to participate in the most important motor festivals, in the disciplines Enduro Vintage, Flat Track, Beach races, Sprint Race. With our Jeep Cj7 raid rally in the desert, Off Road in the snow. Our world is sand, water, road, and desert, our lifestyle is authentic. We don’t sell smoke only from our bikes. Authors of the Motor Festival Map, with a total of 50,000 people reached. (see last pages). We are creators of the Motor Festival Map, a map where you can find your next trip. We invite you to join us.

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